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Winter Drive

Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marked products are designed for severe winter conditions, tested in accordance to Annex 10 of UN ECE109R/Annex 7 ECE117R.


M+S marked products are designed for mud and slippery conditions but not officially tested to deliver a minimum guaranteed performance in winter conditions.

Directional pattern Directional pattern Directional pattern

"High Performance" compound

Winter regional drive design


RDY MS9 is a winter regional drive design with the following features:

  • very modern design with excellent winter characteristics due to radially-orientated sipes ensuring a very good grip
  • special tread pattern for northern countries
  • high performance compound
  • 3PMSF marked product suitable for winter usage with high performance compound
Performance Technology Case studies
Long haul 7 Good
Regional 7 Good
Energy saving 5 Satisfactory
Winter 8 Very good


Superior quality retread

RINGTREAD is the only retreading system offering a circular, double-countured and spliceless profile: the retreaded tyres manufactured using this technology are completely different from any others and are able to match or even exceed the performance and reliability of new high quality tyres.

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High Performance compound

The main advantages associated with the use of these special compounds include improved elasticity at low temperatures, reduced rolling resistance and a longer lifespan of the tread rubber under harsh abrasive conditions. Finally, HP compounds also allow the tyre to work at lower temperatures in conditions that lead to overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.

Case studies

Words by those who have chosen the RDW MS9

Per Jon Bergerud
Per Jon Bergerud
Freight / Vehicle Manager at Veidekke, Oslo Area, Norway

After testing different products over the years with less traction and much lower mileage, we have decided to use the RINGTREAD RDW MS9 on our 315/80R22,5 drive tyres. Our vehicles run up to 80,000 km/year, and the mileage from this tread gives us almost 12 months of usage

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RDW MS9 range More info
Pattern Size Width Width Width Circumference code Circumference code Circumference code Length Length Length Depth Depth Depth Item
315/70R22.5 270 XS 3000 20,0 RING RDW MS9 270 XS
315/80R22.5 260 M 3185 20,0 RING RDW MS9 260 M
315/80R22.5 270 M 3185 20,0 RING RDW MS9 270 M

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