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Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marked products are designed for severe winter conditions, tested in accordance to Annex 10 of UN ECE109R/Annex 7 ECE117R.


M+S marked products are designed for mud and slippery conditions but not officially tested to deliver a minimum guaranteed performance in winter conditions.

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High mileage on/off non-directional pattern


PRL MIX202 is a non-directional drive design with the following features:
• pattern with open shoulders and large transverse blocks, and a new and innovative ornamental sipe with a central hole on the shoulder’s block ensuring a great look and a perfect cooling of the block during the service
• the pattern ensures a proper transfer of forces due to the presence of the transverse tread blocks and the reinforcing bridges. This permits high resistance to impact and to chafing against rocks/stones, allowing stability on soft ground (mud)
• self-cleaning properties due to the pattern geometry and to the wide opening shoulders, lowering the risk of tearing
• all-season tread with very high mileage for this application, ensured by the high tread depth
• 3PMSF marked product suitable for winter usage

Performance Technology
On/off 8 Very good
Offroad 7 Good

Profil Liner

The Marangoni’s performance and quality promise, enhanced by the introduction of new modern high-performing tread lines distincted by the use of the “PRL BLK” marking.

PRL MIX202 range More info
Pattern Size Width Width Width Length Length Length Depth Depth Depth Item
New 315/70R22.5 270 3050 22,0 Wings Wings Wings PRL MIX202 270/3.05
New 315/80R22.5 270 3260 22,0 Wings Wings Wings PRL MIX202 270/3.26
New 315/80R22.5 260 3260 22,0 Wings Wings Wings PRL MIX202 260/3.26
New 315/80R22.5 250 3260 22,0 Wings Wings Wings PRL MIX202 250/3.26

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