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Profil Liner Profil Liner
"High Performance" compound

Off the road and forklifts/container carriers drive design


PDO ZH is a pattern used for very demanding off-road uses with the following features:

  • designed to provide stability, traction, wear and energy efficiency
  • stability thanks to huge footprint and unparallel contact area with working surface
  • traction as a result of groove special design
  • wear and efficiency due to last generation compound and optimized solid ratio
Performance Technology
On/off 8 Very good
Offroad 8 Very good

Profil Liner

The Marangoni’s performance and quality promise, enhanced by the introduction of new modern high-performing tread lines distincted by the use of the “PRL BLK” marking.


High Performance compound

The main advantages associated with the use of these special compounds include improved elasticity at low temperatures, reduced rolling resistance and a longer lifespan of the tread rubber under harsh abrasive conditions. Finally, HP compounds also allow the tyre to work at lower temperatures in conditions that lead to overheating, ensuring reduced casing fatigue and longer life.

PDO ZH range More info
Pattern Size Width Width Width Length Length Length Depth Depth Depth Item
315/80R22.5 270 3300 26,0 PRL PDO ZH 270

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