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Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marked products are designed for severe winter conditions, tested in accordance to Annex 10 of UN ECE109R/Annex 7 ECE117R.


M+S marked products are designed for mud and slippery conditions but not officially tested to deliver a minimum guaranteed performance in winter conditions.

Directional pattern Directional pattern Directional pattern

Grip Grip Grip

Up to 10% increase in grip.

Intercity bus with high winter grip and good mileage


BLK BUS400 is a drive design for the coach segment with the following features:

  • pattern with five circumferential grooves to ensure a superior directional control, excellent stability, good water dispersion, smooth running and passenger comfort
  • stable tread blocks thanks to the interlock siping technology, improving traction, road grip and ensuring even wear
  • innovative Blackline compound to maximise performance in terms of mileage
  • wide footprint with squared shoulders to further improve mileage
  • 3PMSF marked product suitable for winter usage
Performance Technology Case studies
Intercity 9 Excellent
Urban 6 Fair
Energy saving 6 Fair
Winter 10 Outstanding


Choose the best

The BLACKLINE range offers an unprecedented opportunity to reduce the total ownership costs for fleet operators of any size, in all market segments. BLACKLINE tyres are produced using the best compounds and are utilised by retreading experts only on selected premium casings, verified using shearography technology, lab drum tests and road tests with the most demanding fleets.



Up to 10% increase in grip* both in dry and wet conditions, in every segment and application, thanks to four-season compounds and 3D multi-sipe design.

*Compared to a standard compound product with the same pattern, on the same application.

Case studies

Words by those who have chosen the BLK BUS400

Alessandro Oldrini
Alessandro Oldrini
Managing Director of Air Pullman - Milan, Italy

Marangoni retreaded tyres in the local public transport sector led us to save 20% compared to competitors.

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Francesco Zizzania
Francesco Zizzania
Fleet’s Service Team Manager at Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) – Turin, Italy

A demanding test, successfully concluded. Exceptional traction, grip and working life.

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BLK BUS400 range More info
Pattern Size Width Width Width Circumference code Circumference code Circumference code Length Length Length Depth Depth Depth Item
275/70R22.5 250 XS 2860 18,5 RING BLK BUS400 250 XS
275/70R22.5 240 XS 2860 18,5 RING BLK BUS400 240 XS
295/80R22.5 240 M 3140 19,0 RING BLK BUS400 240 M
295/80R22.5 250 M 3140 19,0 RING BLK BUS400 250 M

Marangoni original tread design

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